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Brewing Session 20080206-0: The Jolly Toper's Undrinkable Ale
The Jolly Toper's Undrinkable Ale
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Recipe background: I wanted to use a lot of peated malt in a beer. This insanity is the result. I didn't take notes during the session, so this writeup may be somewhat lacking in details compared to normal.

50 grams dried Althaea officinalis root - added during boil, boiled 120.0 min
100 grams fresh Zingiber officinale rhizome - added during boil, boiled 120.0 min
225 grams dried Calluna vulgaris tips - added during boil, boiled 5.0 min
4 grams dried Myrica gale - added during boil, boiled 5.0 min

4.0 lbs Golden Promise Pale
3.0 lbs Peated Malt
0.25 lbs Special Roast
0.125 lbs Black Roasted Barley

5.0 lbs bakery grade honey

WYeast 1728 Scottish Ale

Mashed in with 11 quarts. Mashed at 158 °F for 65 minutes.

Drew off first runnings, then did two batch sparges. Total runoff was 5 gallons at 1.041.

120 minute boil, added honey at 60 minutes.

Cooled using immersion chiller, poured into Primary #1 through a coarse strainer. Topped up to 5.25 gallons and pitched activated smack pack. OG was 1.080.

Errata: I think the influence from the ginger was a bit low due to merely slicing it up and throwing it in. While I'm tentatively happy with the amount of ginger flavour in the final brew, I think it would be possible to get more from less by giving it at least a coarse chop.

2008-02-14: SG at 1.014.

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